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Star Trek: Behind the Scenes with Larry Nemecek

Sep 26, 2015

As Voyager entered its final season, fans had a lot of questions. Would the crew get home? Would it happen before the finale? Would Neelix and Seven make the trip to Earth? Would Janeway and Chakotay finally hook up? Would Harry die one more time? Lots of questions. We know what we ultimately got on screen, but what went on behind the scenes?

In this special episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by someone who was there in the writers room, Mike Sussman. After successfully selling the story that would become “Unimatrix Zero,” Mike then landed a spot of the writing staff for Voyager’s final season, and would go on to become a writer and producer on Enterprise.

Mike joins C Bryan Jones, Larry Nemecek, and Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss many moments and aspects of Season Seven, including “The Haunting of Deck Twelve,” “Prophecy,” “Repentance,” and of course “Unimatrix Zero” and the Borg. We also discuss writing The Doctor, stories pitched but not produced, the development of Enterprise while wrapping Voyager, and much more.

In our news segment, we discuss a restoration project for the original Enterprise filming model, get an update on Portal 47, and look back at the impact of Robert Wise and The Motion Picture on Star Trek.


Originally published as The Ready Room 187: We're Gonna Edit Out All this Klingon Stuff, Right?